Thursday, May 01, 2008


I used to think I had a fear of heights. But I was always fine flying, and I'm the asshole who jumps as high and hard as possible on the glass floor in the CN Tower. I then figured I had a fear of falling, but I was willing (and unfortunately unable due to poorly timed minor surgery) to jump out of a plane a couple years ago. So I think I'm actually afraid of the sudden stop that comes after the falling.

Then there's Caminito Del Rey. Built between 1901-1905 for workers to cross the narrow gorge between two falls, it has since greatly deteriorated. 3 ft wide, 700ft up, this is not a walk for sufferers of vertigo. The path is completely missing in parts, and there isn't much of a railing. At one point a cable appears that the wise would attach carabiners to (assuming they're wearing a climbing harness). The path was closed after 4 people died trying to cross it in 1999 and 2000, but there are plans underway to restore it. Whoever took this video is one ballsy individual.

Also ballsy, yet stupid, is the guy who tried to cash a cheque for $360,000,000,000. Hello stupid, how's jail?

Continuing with stupidity, this ad was sighted on the streets of Toronto. One of my biggest language peeves is people who don't know how to spell "lose". Somehow, the fact that this is in public scares me.


KajaPoker said...

i nearly crapped myself just watching that video. that's one way to loose weight, eh?

lightning36 said...

The Chicago Cubs picked up Toronto cast-off Reed Johnson. He has actually looked pretty good so far ...