Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Out 30th in the MATH. I blame a few things:

1.- Not getting LJ all-in early when my flush whupped her straight.

2.- Folding TP2K when I put LJ on a busted flush draw bluff on the river. This was largely my fault for letting her in free on the BB, so I didn't have a solid enough read on her cards.

Although she's involvd in both hands, I don't blame LJ, I blame myself. I should know better.

This left me a bit short, and I was only able to tread water. In the end, I ran KQo into the mighty A6o. Ah well.


I should have a donkavatar up soon. After my ousting from the MATH, I was hit by an idea and threw it together in Ye Olde Photoshop. Anything to make The Goat's life easier.


Go Wings Go! 2-0 series lead after once again schooling the Penguins. I like the Penguins too, but I'm loving the Wings in these playoffs. They're just unstoppable. But you can't judge a series until everyone's played at home, which is where the Pens head tomorrow. Detroit could put a stranglehold on this team. Of course, the same brilliant prognosticators that picked Pittsburgh in 6 are now calling for Detroit in 4. Idiots. I can make shit up too and talk about it, why aren't I sportscaster?


The Blue Jays swept the Royals in their 4-game series. Apparently this is the first time that has ever happened. Of course, Jays fans still remember the brutal AL Championship ousting in 1985 to the Royals (Jays up 3-1, lose series 4-3, first year it was best-of-seven... KC goes on to win the World Series). Okay, maybe only I remember it, but it's always added a little something extra to the Toronto-Kansas City games, which would otherwise be easy to ignore.

But that gives them a 5 game win streak, 7-3 in their last 10. 3rd in the AL East, 4 back of Tampa, 3.5 back of Boston and the wild card (although it's a bit early to be worrying about the wild card spot).

But this it the Jays, who are about to go on a 10-game western road trip. So I'll hold off any hopes of major success until that's over and they're back to .500 or worse. Our starting pitching has been great - one 6-game winner, three 5-game winners, and one guy with an undeserved losing record of 3-4 (McGowan). Halladay has 5 complete games so far, and he's lost 3 of them... it's called complete lack of run support.

But the offense MIGHT be coming around again. If they can keep the pitching and hitting going at the same time, they could do some damage. I love that right after the papers start getting on Rios for slumping, he starts hitting again.

Let's go Blue Jays!


Skill Game tonight is PLHE. Really? The BBT3's last Skill Game is PLHE? Well, I suppose I'll possibly be there. Suit pickup got moved to today, and I have a pile of ironing that needs doing. Tremendously exciting, I know, but sometimes life trumps Poker. Hmm... speaking of trumps, I miss Euchre.

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