Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Went out 3rd Gigli in the Skill Game last night, 17 minutes in. Apparently KK CAN lose to AA, and overs hit on the turn sometimes to beat your 2nd pair with a shortstack. I'm a moron though, because every single fibre of my being screamed "HE HAS ACES, FOLD YOUR FUCKING COWBOYS!" I didn't listen.

3 games left. I have my TOC seat already, but there's more at stake. I'm officially out of the fishcakes side bet. Even if I won the last 3 games, I wouldn't break top 3, let alone the money. Ah well.

But then there's the leaderboard. I'm in 21st place. How much does that suck? 31.8 points out of the jersey bubble, nowhere near the cash. I think I want a jersey. Yah, I want a jersey. Which means I need to get some serious points in the upcoming games.

But I won't be playing the Riverchasers tomorrow. Steak dinner on best friend's birthday trumps any blogger game any time.

And the boss is in town today, which means drinks post-work. My Mookie participation could be questionable. Is it 1500 chips again this week? Or 3k KO? Naw, I have too much shit to get done, so I won't be home too late. Plus, the Detroit-Pittsburgh game is on, so I need to catch some of that,

So, drunken Mookie, skipped Chasers...

Oh, and I'm in a wedding party this weekend, so rehearsal Friday, wedding Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. This shouldn't interfere with The Big Game though.

2 shots to break the jersey bubble. This is doable.

See you at The Mook!

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