Wednesday, May 14, 2008


As planned, I went suit shopping. I brought my best friend/style consultant (because I apparently have no taste) along so that I didn't drop a G on something horrific. I ended up buying a pretty sweet Boss number. I figure there are two outcomes of this: 1.- I bought the same suit as the groom (since I know he also went with Hugo), or 2.- I'll be better dressed than him. Glad I'm not a bridesmaid, that sort of faux pas is deadly.

That was followed by a very tasty dinner at Spuntini, an Italian restaurant I'd never been to, but which my friend recommended highly. Shrimp appetizer, Veal Saltimbocca main, a 7 year-old bottle of Barolo, and a decent cappuccino to finish was a great meal. In fact, the main was the most authentic Italian-tasting meal I've had outside of Italy. I shall be returning.

I made it back home about 45min into the Skill Game, promptly got myself to double the starting chip stack, then 1st place, and then crashed and burned. I forgot that there is no humanly possible way to avoid someone hitting an inside straight draw on the turn in Omaha H/L when you flop top set. Even then, my chip count was decent. It quickly dwindled though, and eventually I had to take a stand with 88 in HE, which ran into AA. Ah well. Out in the 20's I believe. Yah, I had some cards last night.

But then I fired up some more BR-wise $6.50 Turbo SnGs. Actually, $6.50 is too big for my current Tilt roll, but anything less is too ridiculous even for me. I dominated both of them and won easily. The monkey that's been on my back for the last month started stepping off... but I doubt he's gone yet. I did focus more though, and stopped overthinking things. It seemed to work... or maybe I just got lucky.

Tonight is... THE MOOKIE! Who doesn't love the Mookie? Should be fun. I'm actually most looking forward to trying out the drinks I've been posting in Kat's comments the past couple days. It would be irresponsible of me to suggest beverages I wasn't willing to make myself. First though, I need to pick up some Godiva. Oh, and figure out a meal that works with them.

Let's see. The Fuckem is strong, sour, bitter, and ginny. The Sweet Fuck All is sweet and rich (obviously dessert). I'm thinking fish might be a good main... no.... pork. Yes... okay. Let's see how this works:

Boneless pork chops, marinated in lime and vodka, with savoury herbs (possibly rosemary, sage, and tarragon?). Wrapped in prosciutto and grilled. (There seems to have been a lot of proscuitto in my life of late). The sides will be green beans and whipped potato with aged cheddar and roasted garlic.

For dessert, I'll pick up some form of rich chocolate ice cream, and make a hot topping with white chocolate and marshmallow, swirled with some sort of fruit (either a jam or fresh).

Yah... that sounds good, and should match nicely with both drinks. Now I just need to find a way to speed up time so I can get to making this. If I can't win The Mookie after THAT meal, I'm doomed.

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Instant Tragedy said...

You have to have the metabolism of a supermarathon runner.

Just looking at that meal make me feel like I gained 3 pounds.

But you can NEVER go wrong with good ham.