Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Already?

Oh short weeks, how do I love thee?

Bombed out of the Skill Game last night in 42nd. Whatev. Mookie tonight, but I may play live, which always confounds Mookieness, especially with the 1500 starting stacks.

A lesson learned - don't marinate chicken in a vodka-based marinade for 16+ hours. It makes the chicken taste too much like vodka. Dinner didn't get finished last night as the flavours mismatched just enough to be unsettling. I think I overdid the szechuan pepper. It numbs the tongue, and messes up other flavours. It smelled really good though. With luck I'll be home in time tonight to do a quick chicken something with a quick side... since I have one breast in the fridge that's got a best before of today.

I found this game to be quite interesting. It's seemingly dry (balance the US budget), but the interesting part comes afterwards. You get to compare to other demographics (state, age, salary, geneder, political affiliation, or any combination), which reveals a fair bit. I made my 3 badges (environment, health & wellness, and small government), reduced the debt to 18.7% of GDP, and put together a budget that sees a surplus past 2070. Have fun.

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Fuel55 said...

That was amusing. the US is fawked.