Friday, May 09, 2008

I Guess I Should Post

Not that I have anything to say. Then again, when do I ever?

Out in the 30's in the Chasers last night after a GREAT start. I started playing with pictures in Photoshop and lost focus on the game. Then I lost some races, continuing a trend that's gone at least a month now, and was out. A shame, since I had just taken 2nd in a $1.25 Turbo SnG for a whopping $1.45 profit!

Yah, poker sucks of late.

But that's okay! I'm off to Niagara tomorrow for a bachelor party! Kat was going to be there independently of my plans, but is now doing a whole Tuckfard gamblefest. In Niagara still? Does this mean I'd have to actually explain how I KNOW so many people at the Fallsview to my friends who don't know I blog?

For those keeping track at home - dinner last night was a salad and one leftover quiche. Salad = iceberg lettuce, wasabi almonds, fresh strawberries, red & yellow peppers, organic tomato, extra old white cheddar, 2 year old orange cheddar, applewood smoked cheddar, english cucumber, avocado, carrot, fresh dill, and topped off with blood orange olive oil and raspberry red wine vinegar. Alas, I didn't have any mandarin oranges to add to that.

Surely I've wasted enough time by now.


BamBam said...

Have a great time.

Don't forget. "Grab a hottie and dance the night away." Nothing say's caliente, like a little Salsa or merengue out in the open air with a hottie.

Oh and enjoy the food too.

Shrike said...

Raspberry red wine vinaigrette? Yes please! It's the bomb.