Thursday, May 29, 2008


All-in pre. Out 4th. I wanted more points.

87.46% preflop
98.08% on the flop
90.91% on the turn
0% on the river

My blog, I can post a bad beat if I want.

I guess I was due for aces to lose... but THAT way? At THAT time? THAT blows.

But just to make it even more whiny:

22 x 3
33 x 1
44 x 1
55 x 1
66 x 3
77 x 5
88 x 1
TT x 1
JJ x 2
QQ x 1
KK x 3
AA x 5

27 pairs. 351 hands. 7.69%. 5 AA - 1.42% of the hands, or 3.15x the expected percentage.

AK x 8
AQ x 8
AJ x 6

Let's call those playable... that adds 24 Ace-face to the 27 pairs = 51. 14.53% of my hands.

There were a ton of KQ, KJ, QJ as well, but those generally didn't amount to much win-wise.

And they call me a luckbox... pshaw.

But, Karma is a BITCH.

No hard feelings towards actyper, I'm just bitter at the cards.


TuscaloosaJohnny said...

That was a brutal beat. You played those aces like a champ...while actyper didn't necessarily play his bad but slowplayed them a bit too long against me. (I actually gave him an op to fold with the turn checkraise...he has to know they are no good at that point..) I was glad that either you or I won. Increased TOC equity! Yeah!

lightning36 said...

Did you get behind in your payments to Full Tilt?

I was shocked to have gotten KK about four times in the first hour. Didn't get much action on them, unfortunately, as my table was mostly tight the first hour.

Congrats on the deep run.

Astin said...

TJ - Yah, I don't think I could have played my hand any differently. Slowplay probably prices you into the flop, and I think LJ was the intial raiser, so that's a 4-way with aces. Not letting that happen with 4 left. I was pulling for you once I was out for the same reason. Less TOCers = way better.

Lightning - I think they're just trying to shake me down. I obviously got great cards all night, but they waited to kneecap me at the worst possible time. I ain't paying them no more protection money, no way.

actyper said...

That was dirty. I actually wanted to entice a squeeze, didn't expect to run into aces.

crushmastac a.k.a. CheckinMyAA said...

You left out the part where you turned an ace in a 30/70 to stay alive with 5 left ;)