Friday, May 16, 2008


It's really quite remarkable how witty I am.

Today is dragging. I'm begging for the closing bell to ring so I can get out of Dodge and enjoy the long weekend. I'm not actually going anywhere, but I want to get home, lose the shoes and kick back. Tonight's plan? Nada. I picked up some new video games to play around with, will likely stop by the Donkament, and maybe play some other poker. There will be movie and TV watching in there too. I have no idea what dinner will be, but it will involve minimal effort.

Am I ever tired and fog-headed.

Tomorrow - more of the same, but with some necessary shopping beforehand (running out of paper-based products here, and beef, two very necessary things... Costco, here I come!) A possible appearance at Saturday's With Dr. Pauly.

Sunday - BBQ a little bit out of the city, and fireworks. The downside of driving is the lack of drinking.

Monday - Wake up in time to go to bed. Oh, and play the Hoy.

Have a fun and profitable weekend.

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