Wednesday, March 28, 2007

F _ C K

*insert endless swearing here*

Anyone want to buy a vowel?

I'm going to play live tonight and probably give away a couple hundred bucks to clear my head. Anybody in Toronto is welcome to come out to take what I give. Then again, I'm dangerous when upset.

Maybe I'll get home in time for The Mook and continue my donating ways online. One can hope.

Today is not my best.


katitude said...

Astin darlin, don't play poker while on life tilt. Trust me, it's a bad idea.

Astin said...

Some people shop, some people throw money away. I figure I'll do both.

Don't worry, I'll be bringing what I'm willing to lose, no more. And there shan't be any ATM visits.

But I need to channel this mood into something tangible, and I like my walls and possessions.