Friday, March 09, 2007


Think I've mentioned focus enough recently?

CC last night. I bubbled in 4th out of 18. Really not a bad showing, but I should have cashed, and I was feeling good about taking down the whole thing. Then came that dreaded distraction.

It wasn't a good day for me. I won't get into the details, but the game was not anywhere near my main focus when I started. Then I had a friend call with some somewhat major problems of his own as the bubble approached. I still managed to take the chip lead while talking to him, but then tightened up when I should have loosened and made some bad decisions. Stack got chipped away and suddenly I had an M of 5 with 4 players left. A4s in front of me on the button and and UTG limp with a bit less than double my stack, so I pushed. The limper called quickly and flipped over pocket Tens, and I didn't improve. Ah well, I still liked my game plenty.

Apologies to Kat for apologizing for knocking her out, I was distracted and it was a reactionary post. I really wasn't sorry because you had pretty much exactly what I figured you did in the position you were in.

Tonight - I plan to get some stuff done around the homestead. Yup, an exciting Friday planned. But that's because I have to be up stupid early for a Saturday to help a friend move. Why am I so stupid that I said yes?

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