Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Mostly writing this as a means of avoiding some work. So feel free to pay no attention to it at all.

Missed The Hoy last night. Opted instead to get some groceries done and visit my family for dinner. Since I hadn't seen them for more than 5 minutes since before I went to Israel, I figured they deserved some of my time. But I didn't get home until 11pm, far too late to fire up a game. I fully intend to make the WWdN tonight though, and tomorrow will be pokerpalooza. I think it'll go down something like this:

Drinks with a buddy after work. Then I head to the club for some live action with Kat, and then I hurry home to make the Mookie and defend my title.

I actually want to play in the 2nd chance, since I picked it - PL Omaha Hi. No fargin' low hands, and no freakin' 16 hours of raising by the big blind. I have a severe problem with 2nd chance limit games, since they start at 11:30 pm EDT and I have work in the morning. Pot limit is at least something I can go broke on when I want to leave.

Worst case, I'll be registered and donating my buy-in for the main game. But the only reason I won't be there will be if I'm still alive in the freezout at the club... or down to my last $20 in a cash game. I SHOULD be in good form, having warmed up live.

Damn, but I miss live poker. It's been over a month. I COULD play almost every day if I wanted, but I just haven't had the motivation to make the 15 minute walk to my club.

Ok, now I'm fired up. Shame it's only 11:20am.

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