Friday, March 02, 2007

Who Got Game?

It ain't me.

CC's Bash and a couple $16 Turbo DS qualifiers last night... the less said the better. I played like an absolute donkey last night. To be honest, I haven't felt anywhere near the zone this week. Maybe it's just part of being off for a couple weeks, or maybe it's arrogance. I just know I've kind of been sucking. Bored, distracted, tired, drunk... oh, those might be contributing factors too.

At least I'll be out tonight, so I shouldn't have much of an opportunity to throw away money. Oh no, I'll be much better off spending it on food and alcohol.

Of course, I'll then proceed to continue flushing tomorrow when I attack $2 rebuys and log back onto Mansion. Good times.

1 comment:

lightning36 said...

You lasted longer than me, bro. Uh ... I guess that's not saying much ...