Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How Low Can the New 1st Go?

Obviously, it can get as low as 6th. Since that's where I finished in the Wheatie last night. Nice to cash in that beast. 54 runners I think. A few hours of work = $35.10, so a $24.10 profit. Let's call it 2 1/2 hours... so about $10 an hour. Wow. I think I can quit my day job now! :)

Not a bad game, didn't have a ton of cards, but they counted when I got 'em, and I was able to win enough pre-flop to stay alive. But it's the Wheatie, whatchya gonna do? The highlight was being named Wil's nemesis for the night (this is the 2nd or 3rd time now)... just before I got moved to a different table and he later got knocked out by some non-nemesis. Didn't play the 2nd chance, which I think had a bigger turnout than the 1st. Could be because the main event didn't get posted until the evening, while the 2nd chance has been there all week.

I loved the "I wish Wil would sign on." comments in the 2nd chance. He certainly attracts an... intriguing crowd. Have I mentioned I dislike celebrity hounds? See my post on Toronto on how much we just don't care. I like Wil, he was da bomb in Python, yo. Plus, I'd just seen the end of Deep Core the previous night, and he's just a total badass in the end credits. :) That said, I started playing because of his blog, and I started reading his blog because of Slashdot, not because I was really curious about what Wesley Crusher (DIE DIE DIE) was up to.

Where was I? Beats me. Got a new toy though, and it should stay being fun for the next few days. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures that will never be seen.

I'm audi.

Left a message... no return call?


Schaubs said...

Don't pull a Costanza and start stalking her. Tippie toe, tippie toe!! Maybe she is away on business...

That camera is pretty cool, I am in the market for a new one.. how much?

Astin said...

Stalking? Me? Never. What makes you so sure I'm not leaving messages at a new job? Or at my doctor's? Lots of calls I could be making... or none at all and it's just a continuation of my occasional one-sentence story endings... *whistles innocently*

Picked up the camera for $200 Canadian at last Friday (one day sale). Arrived on Tuesday, no regrets so far. Pictures look good, colour is accurate, there's some minor focusing issues at the sides... nothing fancy, I just wanted something I could carry in my pocket for all those times I've said "Damn, I wish I had my camera."