Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Meh... Yay!

Wheaton tonight, minus our illustrious host. Out in the high teens/low twenties. Called an all-in with AQh... discovered AKo in LOK1's hand. This hurt. Then came the flopped ladies into bdidde's pocket rockets. Ah well.

Not as bad as finishing 3rd in the $16 Turbo DS, sure it paid $72... but top 2 got tickets to the Sunday qualifier, and the hand that put me out was moronic on my part. I don't wanna talk about it.

Momentary lapses in concentration and judgment, that's all it takes. 1 mistake and you're toast. Strangely enough, poker is one of the few things that holds my interest enough that I can actually concentrate on it. Not that I have ADD or anything, but I like to be stimulated... mentally that is.

It's all okay though. My night ended with the phone call, and all is a bit more sunny in the world. I don't even mind that it lead to me sitting out an SnG on Absolute. Especially when she mentioned she was busy Friday because she had a poker game. That's about as personal as this blog is ever going to get.

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