Monday, March 19, 2007


No poker Thursday, no poker Friday. Woke up Saturday pretty bummed out for no really good reason other than I'm far to critical of myself. Poker Saturday!

Only a Tier 1 peep though. Possibly the luckiest game of my life. Let's recap a few hands quickly (note, I was shortstacked on most of these):

Me: KT. Flop: AK4. I check, opponent raises, I push for my last 150 chips. I'm facing two pair - A4. JQ river turn for the straight.

Me: 33. Push pre-flop. Meet AT. A on the flop... 3 on the turn.

Me: K9. Opponent: A8. Board goes nice and straight for the split.

And there were at least 3 more. I went from last to 1st and of course got the token. I felt dirty the whole way.

Then I went out for St. Patrick's Day and came home far too sober. Played in the Tier 2 and dominated it for an easy 1st place take-down.

And that ended my poker luck.

Sunday was the monthly $200 buy-in, 10,000 chip tournament at the club. 18 runners, I went out 7th when KJo on the button (2nd shortstack) met AA (shortstack) and AT in the blinds. Was mostly card dead the whole time.

Got home for the Big Game (hence the token games earlier) and went out 9th of 12. I place the blame all on FT on its lack of a time bank. Don and I got into it early on. I had ladies, he claims he had snowmen. He raised, I re-raised, he called. Flop was low crap and I bet the pot. He re-raised big and I hesitated. I thought, thought, thought... and then hit the raise button to go all-in and time ran out, auto-folding me and costing my over 1/2 my stack. Went from 3rd to last. Still outlasted Don due to Waffles being the definition of a luckbox last night. I avoided hands with him as much as possible. In the end, I laid down KJo to a re-raise (why do I always get KJo when I'm facing elimination?) and then went all-in with KTd pre-flop when my M was all of about 3. Didn't improve, and lost to someone's trips or something.

Ah well, Hoy tonight. Don't know if I'll be playing or not. Got a phone call to make.

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