Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Wheatie tonight. Fonkeramic play, moronic dialogue, hopeless fanboy/girl panting, tools with small tools bashing Wil, dicks with time machines, and all the old-school bloggers joining in the fun. What's not to love?

I think I'll go ahead and win it tonight. Have to make up for missing Los Hoy last night. Of all the MATHs to miss, I miss the one where WAFFLES takes it down. Congrats Sir, you're an inspiration to all us donkeys. Then again, if I can win a Hoy, then anyone can.

I'm hoping I'll miss The Mookie tomorrow, because otherwise it means I'm probably missing Kat's birthday bash on Friday, which would suck. I'm sure she'd understand though. After all, Kat is renowned for her patience and understanding.

Guess I should start winning some games since Neteller has done the completely unexpected and ceased Canadian transfers to poker sites. Note the sarcasm. Nice of a Canadian company to turn its back on its Canadian customers. Firepay and Citadel have already quietly stopped as well. Did I miss a memo? Are there plans afoot to idiotically ban online poker for Canadians too? or is it just because all the Yanks are using Canadians/Canadian addresses to finance their unholy, degenrate habit?

So, what reliable options does this leave? Guess it's time to join the PPA after all, even if I'm not a US citizen. First they came for...

What? You expected a dancing banana?

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