Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well, That was a Bust

Not the good kind of bust either. Which is shame, because there are many definitions of the word that are good.

As planned, I met up with one of my closest friends (who happens to live down the hall from me) for a drink and some grub. We chatted of many things, and my Cornish pastry was quite tasty, as was my beer. So far, so good.

I then wandered off to the club, where the tournament had just started, but I was still in before cutoff and got my seat. I'd just been blinded, but it was nothing. I also missed the first hand being Aces vs Kings with the Kings tripping and winning and sending someone home early. They kindly put me just right of Kat. I lasted maybe 20 minutes. I believe I chipped up a little bit and then sat around and folded and chatted for 17 minutes as I was seeing crap and there were many a raiser in front of me.

Then I found me some Cowboys. Raise and re-raise to 1500 in front of me. This is a loose game. Problem was, I wasn't paying enough attention to the guy next to me who had re-popped it. I re-raise to 3000 and he goes all in for 350 more. I know he's got Aces but can't not call that. Sure enough, my Cowboys go brokeback. I've got 350 left in front of me, which gets pushed with blinds at 100-200 and me seeing K9. My two callers actually had worse hands, but they caught and I didn't. So I'm out.

I wait for the cash game. People are dropping like flies so it starts about 15 min later. I take a seat and go for the max buy-in. I was feeling loose, but liked my reads. Except one that took about a 1/3rd of my stack (read a flush draw, he turned 2 pair). That said, I shut down the LAG next to me quickly when I refused to back down to his obvious crap. He beat me when he caught bottom pair against my flush draw, but his exposed 24o was enough to make him fold for the next half hour as he had zero respect after that.

Up and down, and finally at 9:30 is decided to finish my orbit and leave to make The Mookie. Down $70 in cash and $40 for the tourney in about 2 1/2 hours.

Made it to the Mook just as the big blind was about to hit me. Played like a fish. It's not that I was playing any looser than usual, but for some reason I just wasn't trusting my reads. That, or my raises were getting no respect. I folded at least two hands post-flop that I should have called or re-raised, and that cost me a fair chunk. Suddenly I was short-stacked and holding out for something other than card death. Tossed a couple weak aces, suited connectors and a suited king away due to poor position or raises before me. One of these folds was stupid at the time but ended up working out as the board filled in. Finally, with pocket 3's I pushed and was called by a weak ace that caught. Out I went in 27th.

Signed up for the second chance, treaded water for a bit, and finally threw in the towel. I like Omaha, but I just wasn't tuned right for it last night.

CC's Bash tonight - password is pokerworks, and it's the best kept secret out there. Small tourney, quality play. I, unfortunately, will not be attending as I have a condo to tidy up and a bunch of other miscellaneous things to get done. Yes, chores trump poker tonight.

BTW - What happened to those blogger 1/2 cash games? Neteller fiasco cause everyone to fear losing $200 a shot?

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SirFWALGMan said...

I stop playing and they all dry up.