Thursday, March 29, 2007

Less Than Expected

Well, as intended, I played live last night. Tossed in my $40 for the once again full tournament (55 runners). Played with abandon, raising and re-raising a slightly looser range than usual. The real beauty was the post-flop play. Two pair and buddy with TPNK thinks he's gold. Straight and the overcards are playing like they've got the nuts. Nothing at all and everyone folds.

Eventually though, I went dead and got slowly blinded away. With the blinds at 800/1600 and me with 7400 in the small blind, with one limper, final table bubble, I pushed with A5o. BB thinks and folds and the limper stares... I stare back. Finally he calls and shows 33. Great call on his part I guess. His pair holds up and IGH. No regrets. Althought the $740 first place would have been nice.

It was coming up on Mookie time then, and I was feeling better, so I abandoned the idea of the cash game and went home. Signed up, and lasted 20 min in the Mook. Who the hell let Schaubs have AA when I had TT?

CC tonight?

Door closes, window opens.


Schaubs said...

I think that was the one and only hand I limped and when you raised I said... yahoo!! Early gambles payoff, or... they just allow you to bubble... like I basically did. I feel your A5o, I managed to push my AQo into Miami Don's SB pocket Aces... GG me. Life's a bitch, but it's short and you just gotta move on. Have a good weekend.

Astin said...

It's a move I've pulled off many times myself, much to Hoy's chagrin I'm sure :). Well played sir.