Friday, March 30, 2007

Sometimes I Get Art

This is interesting. Now, I'm not an artist, and generally my artistic sensibilities lie in the realm of "I like it." or "No sir, I don't like it." I've found some of the more out-there pieces of the past offensive, but generally if it's outlandish I see it as just there for shock value. But all art is open for interpretation and speaks to each individual differently.

That piece? My Sweet Lord. An anatomically correct, naked, chocolate Jesus? I like it. I haven't seen it, but I like the idea. Assuming it's as described, I think those that are offended are being ridiculous and reactionary and are close-minded buffoons.

Jesus, arms outstretched (I'd assume in a Crucifixion pose), no loin cloth, made of milk chocolate, displayed during the Holy Week of Easter. Brilliant.

I'm not sure what people are offended about. The nudity? Jesus was a man, with all them man-parts. Christianity teaches that mankind was created in God's image. I've never understood the religious issue with nudity outside of a sexual view. The problem there is that if they hadn't been so uptight about nudity in the first place, it wouldn't be viewed as sexual. But that's another rant. There's nothing about this work that seems to indicate it's anything but anatomical. David's nude, as are countless other works of art.

Is it the pose? I don't see why, Jesus with arms outstretched is hardly uncommon.

The chocolate? It's a medium. It's also a key part of this piece, which ties in with... the timing. There seems to be consternation that such a "blasphemous" display would be shown during Easter week. Well of COURSE it is. That's the whole point. Easter, which has its roots in pagan spring ceremonies anyway, has long been a source of confusion and disassociation with the Church. What do eggs, rabbits, and chocolate have to do with the death and ressurection of the Christian Messiah? Pink? Yellow? Lavender? Huh? So here's a statue that exemplifies this dichotomy succinctly and brilliantly. Jesus, in a pose that is all about Easter, made of a material that is inextricably associated with Easter, laid bare and human for all to see. As I've said a few times, brilliant. I love it. I'd love to go to NYC to see it.

So yah, I'm confused. Jesus is naked. Ok. Jesus is chocolate - not the first time, I think I can go out right now and buy a few chocolate Jesuses (Jesii?) if I wanted. People make no sense to me, but this sculpture does.

It's not the band I hate, it's their fans.

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