Monday, March 26, 2007


Damn am I zonked. In bed around 12:15 or so... awake at 4:30am. There is something very wrong with a world where it is 10:30am and I've been up for 6 hours already. But that's what I get for being the greatest friend anyone could hope for and driving someone to the airport so they can go relax in a ocean-front condo in Fort Lauderdale for a week. Joke's on them though, because it's gonna be 19 degrees here today! (That's Celsius you Fahrenheit-loving freaks. Talk about a hackneyed measurement system.) It'll be a miracle if I make it through the day conscious.

Good weekend though. ZERO poker content, mostly food-related. Go home now if you really want to read another fascinating high-level discussion of how much I suck. Didn't play a game (okay, one $3 rebuy WSOP super sateliite on Stars on Friday). Instead, I spent Friday at home bemoaning how much the Leafs suck for taking an 8 minute beating in the 3rd period to turn their 3 goal lead into a 1 goal deficit. We needed that win.. it was a gift that was thrown away. Also, I cooked for the 2nd time that week, which is something I hadn't been able to do for 2-3 weeks previously. Between some kick-ass steak fajitas, and some uber-tasty chicken and sausage stir fry, I was a happy camper. Saturday was helping run a couple errands and then a dual-birthday for 2 good friends. One rented hall, lots of booze, a decent live band, and 3am Chinese on Spadina and it felt like I was 10 years younger. Not so much the next morning.

But I was running a rooming house, with 2 friends crashing, and another coming by the next morning. Breakfast was made (by friend #3 - who had not been drinking the night before, but WAS leaving for Florida today), and enjoyed, and then the day was spent by me making the best roast beef I've yet managed, and some kick-ass french onion soup (but it's always awesome). I love my remote thermometer (which is in Fahrenheit you Celsius-loving freaks. Who bases their temperature on the fixed-points of the most ubiquitous and necessary compound on Earth and evenly divides it into 100 gradations? Really.) Watch some movies and get to bed in time to get 4 hours of sleep. Tonight? I imagine there'll be something involving a sandwich and leftovers. There's The Hoy too, but I have serious doubts as to my lucidity at that point.

Coupon's expired. No freebie for you.

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