Monday, March 05, 2007

Stupid Button

Well, it hasn't happened in ages, but I actually pushed the wrong button last night.

Great weekend, no poker until around 10:30 last night. Fired up a $16 DS Turbo and a $3+rebuy on Stars. Played well in both, until I got blinded away in the Turbo and stupidly didn't push with an Axo just before the BB when we were 4-handed. 78o in a BB that took half my stack didn't hold up when I called the SB's raise and home I went.

In the rebuy (which I love), I was sitting pretty with 1 min to go to the break, with around $9,000 (M=60). Pocket 9's get dealt and a guy who's been betting with anything and everything for the last 10 hands has just rebought (again) and pushed before me. I call immediately, but then 2 to my left re-raises all-in, and has 425 less than me. I'm not willing to throw it all away against two all-ins, especially when I think the other was a raise to isolate due to a decent, but not great, pocket pair. So I plan to fold... AND HIT THE CALL BUTTON. Sunuvabitch. Any-two shows T2o, and the re-raiser shows QQ and I curse. Q on the flop totally negates my 9 on the river and I'm down to 425 in chips. I toss that away, rebuy twice and we go to break, where I take the add-on. So I'm at 5000 in chips, but instead of being in the top quarter of the players with an M > 42, I'm now in the bottom third with all the other donkeys. I should have left instead of re-buying, but I just couldn't quit like that... instead I gave away my 5000 and left about 15 min later.

MATH tonight... or as it's come to be known here - Bubbletime! Naw, I'll probably Gigli the thing.

Did I mention that I had a great weekend until the poker? Now if only I can find her number...

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