Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well Rested... NOW

+EV fun just ain't enough some times. Went out for a couple after work yesterday, but made it home with plenty of time to spare for El Mookie. A bit too late and too inebriated to make a proper dinner, in went the microwave pockets. Mmmmmm. Registered for the Wednesday ritual and then fired up a $16 double shootout on Stars. Holy donkerific table Batman.

Since it wasn't a turbo, I treated it like any 1-table SnG and sat back at the start. Occasionally I'd get in cheap with connectors, and caught me some straights. The sad part? even TPNK was enough to win a few times when flush draws were bet hard against me by the biggest LAG I've seen in a while. As it would turn out, it was LAG and me heads up on the first table, and me going completely card dead. Against this guy, Q6 would have been a good hand to go with, but I seldom saw higher than a 7 for a good 10 min. If I saw a K, he'd have an A, if I saw an A, he'd river bottom pair, etc.. In the end, I flopped top and bottom 2 pair, and pushed... into his top 2 pair. Whoops.

So I went out of that about 3 minutes after I went out of The Mook. Guin to my left was catching cards and playing hard. I ended up short stacked on a bad call and called an all-in with AJo (yah, I know... but M was shite), which ran into Guin's AQo and GScott's AK. Q flops and two of us are gone.

I then fell asleep in my chair until my cat woke me and I stumbled to bed, desperately in need of sleep. So maybe playing poker wasn't the wisest decision I could have made.

CC tonight... we'll see if I've got all the other crap I need to do done. I need to prioritize.

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Craig Cunningham said...

Hope to see you there tonight, and thanks.