Monday, April 27, 2009

About Time

Toronto Blue Jays - 1st overall in the Majors.

6 straight series won to start the season. Red Sox hot on their tail.

We're all pretty surprised 'round these parts.

Tallet 4-hit the White Sox over 5 1/3 innings with 5 K on Friday. A great performance from a traditional bullpen guy that was overshadowed by the 14 runs the Jays scored. 14-0... that's a beating.

Saturday saw the good guys give those back with a 10-2 loss when Burres lost it in the 6th, giving up 4 runs in that inning. But I figured one of those two games was a loss anyway.

And Sunday saw our ace, and the best damned pitcher in the majors for the past 7 years, Roy Halladay, get his first win in Chicago vs the Sox (hard to believe). He gave up 3, but locked in after that and went 7 innings before the bullpen kept the lead in place. 4-3 is tight, but unlike years past, not quite fear-inducing.

14-6, The Royals for the next series. I think this is the first real test for the Jays. What? The Royals? Yah. Sure, they're 9-9, and traditionally suck, but that's the point. The Jays, like all Toronto teams, tend to perform worst against the worst teams. They play to the level of their opponents. If the Jays crush Kansas over this series, then it will be a solid show of their commitment. The real tests of talent, coaching, and attitude will come in May, when they finally play the Yankees and Red Sox. Maybe they'll be 25-9 then though.

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