Friday, April 24, 2009

Two More Down

Add BJ Ryan and Ricky Romero to the list of Jays pitchers on the DL. That would be our closer and the rookie who's looked pretty damned good so far in the starting rotation.

Yet somehow, the Jays won another series. Making it 5 series wins in a row to start the season. That makes 'em 12-5, for first overall in the AL still, and 2nd overall in the Majors (Florida's 11-4, so we've got two games in hand. One could make the arguement we're doing better). We've got 3 games against the White Sox and 4 against the Royals coming up, and a decimated pitching staff. Somehow though, I don't think the clubhouse is panicking. The hitters are still creaming the ball, add Cito's keeping things loose. It will be interesting to see how Brian Tallet does tonight, being traditionally a middle relief kind of guy. If they can get 5-6 innings out of him, I'll be happy. This could be a must-win to keep the streak of series wins going, since tomorrow will likely see another rookie starter called up to replace Romero, and Sunday will see Halladay. One assumes a win with Doc, but the first two games will be question marks with the starters. Without a recognized closer, big leads are recommended, and I expect another complete game from our ace on Sunday.

Things will get interesting in mid-May, when we finally face off against The Yanks and Red Sox. Should be interesting to see where the team stands come June.


1Queens Up1 said...

Downs has been pitching well, I think your closer situation just improved.

lightning36 said...

Helluva game one against my White Sox.