Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who Gots Skillz?

Ain't me.

I donked it up huge in the Skillz game last night, as planned from the start. If I'm going to play something as mind-numbing as online Limit Stud H/L (I'm sure I'd be more enthralled live), then I'm going to be the biggest donkey at the table (there is currently $3.2 billion invested in research into how this is different than any other time I'm at a table), ON PURPOSE. But much like the last time I donked it up in the Skillz Stud H/L a month or so ago, nobody came to this realization until I started sucking out on them with terrible hands.

So I ended the night by taking a chunk of Lucko's chips with some horrible 4-suited hand (AQT8h?), that caught an 8th on 6th street to outpair his 7's, took a bit of commentary from him, and then gave them all to TuscaloosaJohn the next hand with an equally donkish hand... I think I was chasing nothing while hoping he didn't have the straight he had. Like I said before the game - IF I was there, I'd be playing terribly. The 4 or so post-work beers on an empty stomach didn't help matters either.

But tonight is The Mookie! (10pm ET, Full Tilt, pw: vegas1) I may not be able to make this one, as I'm meeting up with a friend, but I'll try and be there eventually. That may mean free blinds for a while until I show up with a few hundred chips left and climb to the top of the leaderboard. Or not. Since it's the non-stop excitement of NLHE, I'll only be playing like my usual donkish self, not the über-donk I am during Stud.

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