Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm sure I'm not the only one noticing the smaller numbers in this round of the BBT. 115 runner Mookies seem to be a think of the past, as do 72 player Big Games or 56 person Mondays. There hasn't been a bunch of promotion this time around, what with our group tending to focus on a variety of non-poker topics these days. Politics, the economy, businesses, work, family, food, life, concerts, reunions, and the other day-to-day topics we all talk about with friends and family now permeate the the 'sphere. Poker posts seem few and far between. Perhaps we've covered all the topics there are to cover. Nothing we can throw up strategy-wise seems new. Maybe we haven't actually LEARNED the lessons, but we've heard them before. There's also a sense of not tapping on the glass even amongs our own group these days. Where before mistakes were called out, strategies questioned, and debates had, now people seem afraid to expose their weaknesses or strengths.

I guess that's my roundabout way of saying that we just aren't doing our jobs when it comes to promoting this thing. Once again, Al has done a great job of organizing a series of tournaments with some great prizes at the end, but the influx of new blood just isn't at the level it used to be. Hell, whether or not a game has the same sense of fun depends on the table you're at. I think we've forgotten what these games were supposed to be.

I know I have. I fire them up almost out of habit now, and then toss any effort to the wind. Then again, that's most of my play anywhere these days. I'm playing some terrible poker, and it's showing in my results. Since January 1st, I was at one point up 300% from my reload, but I've since given almost all of that back. Yet I just keep throwing buy-in after buy-in in and then playing well below what I'm capable of. The only saving grace is that I know what my mistakes are the second after I make them, so I know the knowledge is still in there. I just need to apply it.

Something I won't do in tonight's Skillz game, since it's Razz, the game of pure evil.

So here's my small part in letting people know what's up with this thing. We're halfway through, with 6 weeks left. That's what? 25 tournaments before the TOC?

It's all on Full Tilt Poker

Mondays @ 10pm ET: Riverchasers/PPI $24+2, password: riverchasers
Tuesdays @ 9:30pm ET : Skill Series $10+1, password: skillz
Wednesday @ 10pm ET: The Mookie $10+1, password: vegas1
Sunday @ 4pm ET: Brit Blogger Game $5+0.50, password: donkament
Sunday May 31st @ 9:30pm ET : The Big Game $69+6 superstacks, password: donkey

TWO $10k WSOP prize packages up for grabs, $2k packages up for grabs, plus cash, plus prizes. It's a pretty freakin' sweet deal folks.

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