Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A couple quickies. Let's go from angering to cool this time.

First, Betty Brown, Texas State rep, thinks Asian-Americans should change their names so that Americans can understand them. This stems from some fuck ups at a recent election when the morons who put together the registered voters list couldn't get it straight and the IDs of the people who showed up didn't match the incorrect lists. Please note: Asian-AMERICANS should change their names so AMERICANS can understand them. I'm pretty sure that Asian-Americans are still Americans too, especially when they CAN VOTE. Perhaps Betty Brown should change her name to Fucking Moron.

Now, the cool.

Peter Funch set up his camera at various locales in NYC, day after day. He'd take pictures from the same physical place at different times, and then Photoshop the images into composites. The results are awesome. Some of them take a second to figure out the common theme, but they're all pretty cool.


BamBam said...

Thank you for bringing that out to share! I love the "Yawn" and "red" pics!

lj said...

those funch photos are phenomenal. thanks!

BWoP said...

LOVE those photos.

As for changing names, I already did that!