Thursday, April 09, 2009

Too Many Things at Once

Signed up Das Mookensteinersteinbergensteinalamadingdong last night. Went out unceremoniously with KQo vs AQ and KK with a Q-high flop and a K on the river. Yah, I suck.

I really shouldn't have been chatting with 3 people, reading up on a new cookbook that is VERY tempting, going through pictures, surfing the web and watching Demetri Martin while playing. Especially since it was the first game I'd played since... the Skillz game last week maybe?

Ah well. Probably won't see the virtual felt again this weekend, and I don't really mind. I think I'll just enjoy the 3 day weekend, especially since it's warming up (slightly) around these parts after a brief brisk snap.

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