Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Got No Game

Wow, have I been stinking up the felt lately. Last night was just more terrible, distracted play from yours truly during the RC/PPI BBT NLHE game. Yes, those acronyms were intentional.

And the wee bit I played Sunday was characterized by terrible beats. At least those I can't be anything but frustrated with.

Not sure if I'll play the Skillz Game tonight or not. It's Limit HOSE, which I enjoy half of, but cry a little when limit comes into play. I may use the time to go for a swim instead. I think that will be more productive.

Considering I've owned my condo for over 4 years now, and I've used the pool about 3 times, I don't think I'm getting full value for the high, but not unreasonable, monthly fees I pay. Also, I'm about 22 lbs above the weight I'd like to be, so maybe this will be a step that leads to another step and another... or maybe I should stop eating the easter candy next to my desk.

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