Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tonight's Plan

So we all know that The Mookie is tonight, right? Full Tilt, 10pm ET, private tab, $10+1 NLHE, password: vegas1. And you're all playing in it, right? Except team Schaubs, they can all braid each other's hair or gossip about which boys they think are cute or something.

I'll be there. Maybe I'll win. I mean, now that Hoy's won this thing, I need to win more so I'm not kept in such low company. Hell, if Mr. 72o-player can win a Mookie, anybody can, and it makes me feel less special. Yah, that's right Hoy, your week of glorious Mookiechampionship is OVER! It's time for a new alpha dog to step up and take the glory! No more porn star parties and hot tubs full of Cristal for you. Meet the darkside of the Mookie win high - the crash when someone else takes that precious title and you're forgotten by the masses.

Plus, I really want to answer Hoy's question for this week's winner.

But my play in the bloggerments has been sub-par at best lately. I need to step it up to win something as big as The Mookie. I'm pretty sure poker is 99% preparation and 1% paying off the right people. So after I remind the fine dealers at Full Tilt who has pictures of who with what animals and remind a certain dendrophiliac at the top of that organization about his "bark burn", I'll get around to preparing.

How? Well, as I've made clear before, the key to tournament success is proper cooking. Last night was some pretty solid pizza from Massimo's. Before that, I seem to have had a lot of leftovers (must remember to put ham pics up from Easter). So tonight I cook!

And it shall be... literally steak and potatoes. Simple, easy, delicious. A beer alongside, and I shall be sated and ready to kick some blogger and blogger-wanna-be ass.

I expect I'll be out before the first break.

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