Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Easy Request

Had a chat with Tragedy today, and he requested that I put up a swine-related pork in honour of this nasty flu that everyone in the entire world has and will die from but has very little to do with pigs. I don't feel like hyphenating all of that.

This is easy. As I still haven't put up the roast ham (not smoked) from Easter. And before that I did the Tourtière post, full of ground pork, prosciutto, and pancetta. In fact, I thawed out a piece of that the other night.

Hell, I had pancetta in my soft-boiled eggs on the weekend. I had a BLT on Sunday. Even if this stupid "pandemic" came from pork products, I doubt I'd be able to keep it out of my diet.

So the roast ham post will go up soon. Then I may throw some other porcine dishes up afterwards, once I figure out how I want to do it. Maybe something in a pasta....

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