Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jays, NHL, and the Rest

And the Jays potent offense took a break last night in a 7-1 loss to the vaunted Kansas City Royals. It's one game, there are 3 more in the series. I'm much happier they lost big in game 1 than game 2 or 3, because it SHOULD wake them up a bit that they can't take anybody lightly. This is a team that is, realistically, mediocre on paper. They have a lot of young talent, and some veterans that have been all-stars and should be far from washed up, but they still need to work hard game in and game out to be consistently winning.

I imagine Cito will chat with them, point out a few mistakes here and there, and generally put them at ease and let them have some fun. He knows they can beat the Royals, the Royals know it, and the team knows it. I expect them to bounce back tonight.

Round 1 of the NHL playoffs is over tonight. Two game sevens happening nearly simultaneously. Jersey vs Carolina and Washington vs The Rangers. Two games that look to be good, but I'd much prefer the Devils-Canes game. Except it's on TSN2 here, and Rogers doesn't carry it. Go figure. I'll probably tune into the Jays game and jump in and out of the Caps-Rangers game (also known as Ovechkin vs Lundqvist).

The west is already set up for Round 2, with Detroit vs Anaheim and Chicago vs Vancouver. I can't see the Wings going down to the Ducks. Sorry Anaheim, but Detroit is no San Jose - this is a team that KNOWS how to win in the playoffs, and your only hopes are Pronger and Scott Niedermeyer grabbing the team by the neck and dragging them to some wins.

As for Chicago and Vancouver, I'm naturally cheering for the remaining Canadian team, and I think they'll put up a hell of a fight. I still don't think the kids on the Hawks have the experience to win it all, but they've shown they've got some grit and determination in there and could be a challenge for the Canucks. Still, I think Vancouver pulls this one out.

I missed Heroes last night. Completely forgot the season finale was on. I'll grab it tonight and watch it, fully prepared to bitch about it tomorrow. I personally like Torontoist's prediction for it (having not watched it this season since it's sucked since season 1) - Monkey Sylar. Or maybe just have Sylar do a T2 homage and change between all the personas he's been while melting in a pool of molten steel. I think that's required to kill him now. Of course, not before Peter touches him and absorbs all his powers at once, and then shapeshifts into Sylar so the character can continue... or something lame like that.

Skillz Game tonight. Stud H/L. I imagine I'll be doing something else, as limit, hi/lo, and stud are all anathema to me. If I do go crazy and sign up though, expect me to be playing incredibly loose in an effort to suck out a win. Where's PLO8?

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lightning36 said...

The Hawks looked strong against the Flames. I expect them to win against the Canucks, but I think that is as far as they go this year.

Good basketball game on tonight -- Celtics vs Bulls.