Thursday, April 09, 2009

Vegas Isn't the Only Desert Mirage

The Independent has a great op-ed piece titled The Dark Side of Dubai. The writer explores the class system, slavery, ecological destruction, and excess of this desert nation that seemingly popped up overnight. The comment section is just as entertaining to read, with people accusing him of seeking out the negative and finding it. Ummm... yah, that was the point of the article, to peel back the fake, shiny façade and reveal some hard truths.

Is it applicable to 100% of the residents of the city? No. But the issues brought to light are important enough that they should be acknowledged by everyone involved.

I recommend reading through the piece, if you can stomach some outrage and avoid facepalming yourself repeatedly.

Me, being me, took something away from it that is only hinted at. Dubai is going to literally crumble. As evidenced by the description of The Atlantis and it's dripping water and falling tiles, or the beaches and their toxic water. Combine a slave labour force that is overworked, exhausted, sick, and completely disgruntled, with corruption and rapid construction, and you have a recipe for a civil engineering disaster.

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