Thursday, April 23, 2009

So Much For The Plan

Out 26th of 83 in last night's Mookie. I blame... umm.... well, I guess I can't blame whoever called my KTo UTG shortie push with AQo from the SB.

Oh yah, I blame the fact I made two bad laydowns. QQ early on (UTG raises, I UTG+1 and re-raise, it folds to UTG who 3-raises me for 1/3 of my stack. In retrospect, I think I was ahead.) and KJc later on when I had a stack that was just barely middling (would have flopped TP with the FD, and turned the flush, because CRUBS ALWAYS GET THERE). Ah well.

At least dinner was fantastic. Huge ribeye with a great rub (fresh-cracked black pepper, roasted garlic salt, toasted onion salt, alderwood smoked salt, hickory smoked salt, habanero powder, smoked paprika, ancho chili powder, chipotle chili powder, garlic powder, turmeric, and ground coriander seed), fried potatoes (black pepper, roasted garlic salt, toasted onion salt, cayenne pepper, fresh garlic), and sautéed mushrooms (butter, garlic, salt, pepper, dill). I was afraid I'd overcooked the steak but it turned out perfectly rare. Damned filling.

I was tilty after the game, and shut down Full Tilt with AUTHORITY. Then I reopened it and played a $28 super turbo SnG out of anger. I should play on tilt more often it seems, as Full Tilt was so full of fear that it gave me hand after hand without loss, letting me dominate the game to victory. Then I won, and Full Tilt crashed before the Mookie was over, for it feared my retribution. Such is the power of my wrath.

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jjok said...

grocery stores here have been pushing thin cut ribeyes and strips......seems to defeat the purpose when 4 minutes a side make it medium.

Bring me the blood, bitches.