Monday, April 13, 2009

Hockey Pool Anyone?

My office runs an NHL playoff pool every year. It's a pretty solid pool, with a decent turnout. $20 buy-in, and last year had $2500 in the pot.

It's a bit different than your standard playoff pool. You pick 8 of the 16 teams that are in the playoffs, and they're scored according to their finish in the regular season.

So San Jose is worth 1 point, and would get 1 point per win. Anaheim is worth 16 points and would get 16 per win.

There's a double point team that, strangely enough, pulls in double the points.

You also pick your choices for finalists, and a cup winner, each of those picks being worth 50 points if correct. Double points don't count here.

If anybody is interested, fire me an e-mail - astin AT sympatico DOT ca, and I'll send you the entry form and more detailed rules. I'll of course take Full Tilt/Poker Stars transfers for payment if desired.

Of course, I have to know who the hell you are, so if you've just been lurking or stumbled upon this on a search and I've never seen you before online or otherwise, then don't bother.

Oh, and deadline for entries is Wednesday, before 7pm ET (first game of the playoffs). I e-mail daily updates throughout the playoffs. I suggest asking for the entry ASAP, as I don't check that address during work hours.

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Schaubs said...

I sent you my teams - 3 in total.

Go teams go!