Friday, September 07, 2007


First, non-anger.

Got home after a trying end-of-day at work, and called up my buddy down the hall. I made some fresh baked spicy fries and a salad, and we went up to the roof with my brother (who stopped by) with a few beers and grilled up some steaks. Good times. After that my buddy and I played some squash and I then popped online to watch the end of the Riverchasers and putz around in an SnG on Stars. (3rd in a 6-man turbo = bubble... grrr). Not a bad night.

3am I got woken up when my cat decided he wanted to run around. He got a bit damp as a result and calmed down. But that's 3 nights in a row now he's decided that ungodly hours are good ones to wake me up at. And I'm thinking of getting a 2nd one? What's wrong with me.

So, tired for the 3rd straight day due to interrupted sleep, and my Film Festing starts tonight with Guy Maddin's "My Winnipeg". 3 films tomorrow, 2 on Sunday, 1 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, and one more next Friday. I might buy a couple more to fill in the gaps if I so desire. Red Bull, here I come.

Now, the anger. First, minor anger and head-slapping:

Your show is called "Ugly Betty", it pokes fun at the modelling and fashion magazine industry. Your main character has become a star, and she's uglied up in the show, but even then looks surprisingly "real" in real life. Not a beanpole, nor drop-dead gorgeous, just a normal person. She gets to be on the cover of a magazine... and they PHOTOSHOP HER TO A SIZE ONE. I hate false body image. There's a whole other rant in there which I'll avoid.

Real anger now. There used to be a time when we were forced to join the armed forces. Luckily, we live in a part of the world that isn't surrounded by enemies, and there are enough volunteers to maintain an acceptable level of servicepeople. Eventually, these soldiers, airmen, marines, etc, come home... we hope. They are then quickly forgotten except for that one day a year where everyone pays tribute. Fine, we're a fickle people. However, the government of the country they serve treats its veterans horribly. I can't claim it's any better here in Canada than the States, but finding this blog raised the ire meter a few levels. When your chickenhawk president, service-dodging VP, and I imagine countless other Senators and representatives who had "better things to do" than serve ignore their vets, I think they should be dropped in a war zone for a week without an entire army surrounding them for their photo ops... then we'll see how they feel.


lj said...

i'm glad you posted about that glamour cover!! i meant to do a link yesterday, but honestly i was so annoyed that i couldn't even write the post. so gross what these magazines do -- some other one did it to kate winslet awhile back and she made a big stink about it, which i thought was awesome.

you watch ugly betty? yay!

lastly, any interest in doing a stars/ftp trade for $$? i can't get money on stars, and chad withdrew his $$ before i could trade w/ him.

Buddy Dank said...

When you get another kitty they will balance each other out and make it a happy household.

Irongirl01 said...

Bailey has been on the prowl at nite too running around like a banshee, going airborne over furniture etc. I think its because the weather has cooled a bit. Hes long haired (Maine Coon 100%) and is feeling his mojo.