Friday, September 14, 2007


Going to my last TIFF film tonight - Weirdsville. Should be good. Also, weird.

Top 10 most polluted places in the world. I recommend not reading this while eating.

Actually won an SnG on Tilt last night with aggressive play and hands holding up. Wonders never cease.

Busy weekend coming up. Lots of driving. Good, I haven't done much driving recently, and it's always good to get out on the road.

Congrats to The Goat on the new addition. Everybody popping out kids these days. Me? I'm getting a cat.

15 days until greatest day of the year. This year it will be on a boat. I hope.

5 days until Talk Like a Pirate Day! ARRRRR!

Work self-assessments suck.

Terry Fox Run this weekend. Go out and raise some money for cancer research. Me? I pledged because I'm lazy but have disposable income.

I am soooooo lazy. Also, I procrastinate. Which is why I post so much. Oooh! Insight into my psyche! Use it wisely.

I find myself in a spot. I bought ground beef and pork last night to make meatloaf. Then my bestest friend gave me spaghetti so I didn't make meatloaf. But I have salmon for tonight, and will be out tomorrow. Maybe meatloaf on Sunday? Oh the trials and tribulations! Must use it before the meat spoils.


Why are you still reading this? It's like a train wreck. You can't look away, because you've been pinned to the ground by the locomotive.

Choo choo!

Sitting in front of a TV with the volume down all day really helps you appreciate commercials and if they can communicate their message without narrative.

The results are in - people are seeing strange shit on Tilt. Especially quads. Dillo also pointed out the odd occurrences of the same hands happening consecutively, right down to the suits. I've noticed this too.

TIFF this year has been very good. Lots of really solid films. Other than one disappointment, I've been happy.

Iceland pics... really need to get those sorted and up soon. Someone kick my ass into gear on this.

Who's going to Vegas in Dec? I'll be there, it'll be a blast. Now I just need to figure out accommodations... and book my flight.

Know what's annoying? When you find a great camera, buy it at a great price, and then when you want to buy another a few months later as a gift, it's $120 more than you paid, even though it's 1 1/2 years old, discontinued, and in the outlet store.

Glad to hear Kat's healthy. Physically at least... who knows about her psychological wellness. I kid. Don't run me down with your sleek black death machine.

Shit, I have a housewarming tomorrow and no housewarming gift to give. Liquor store, here I come!

How can I lose 10 lbs and get in shape in 2 weeks? Obviously I mean without dieting, exercise or surgery.

Hovnanian is offering discount prices for this weekend only. So if you want to buy a new luxury home for only a semi-ridiculous price, get on that! (I have no idea about any of this other than CNBC has been running it for the last hour).

Wait, Hoy has a new post up. That's how I can do it. Constant Wii playing for the next 2 weeks! I mean, the thing's generally gathering dust because I spend all my free time in front of the computer if I'm not cooking. I need to finish Excite Truck, get back to Paper Mario, and start wailing on my score in Wii Sports. Not to mention the other 4 or 5 games I have for it... and all the Gamecube games.

BTW - made banana bread last night. Yum. Mom's recipe, Alton Brown's method. Tonight will be the return of salmon. I was going to do the peach-mint reduction again, but now I'm wondering if I feel more like teriyaki & mustard. Maybe some ginger too (if it's still good). Lemon on the side, sweet potato fries. Snow peas, corn on the cob... hmmm. Remember kids, don't marinate your fish in citrus, it will "cook" the fish before you cook it.

Tried a new lunch place today, Z-teca. Burritos, tacos, etc.. Not bad, especially for a food court.

Ugh, places to be after work. Try and negotiate that camera price down, and then go pick up a package from Amazon. I don't get it. I HAVE 24-hour conceirge service, why the hell can't the post office just leave the package with them? Everyone else does. Now I need to walk 15 minutes (BOTH WAYS) to pick up a DVD and a book. I shouldn't have ordered the book, it takes away from possible birthday gifts. D'oh!

Don't get me wrong, I actually love walking around the city. I'm just lazy. Have I mentioned that? I also love swimming, but my pool is all the way downstairs, across the hall from the gym, and above the squash court. I should use these facilities some time instead of giving money away with this poker habit.

My poker club has moved to 800 metres away from my door. How awesome is that?

I'm thirsty. Maybe I'll go get some juice.

There's nothing like pledging someone in their run and finding out you put them over the top.

Yah, juice, gonna get me some.

Mmm.. Powerzone smoothie. Strawberries, pineapple, tropical nectar, orange juice, ginseng, ginko, echinacea... and toss in some lecithin and thermogenic herbs. Tasty, AND it provides 979% of my daily vitamin C needs and 3 servings of fruit. The peach and grapes I had this morning add some more. I'm so darned healthy.

Holy shit! The Canadian dollar is worth 0.9710 cents US (1.0294 the other way). That's a 30-year high easily methinks. Could it reach par value by the end of summer? I didn't think so, but now I'm not so sure. Soon all those Canadian dollar jokes will be turned back on you USA! Just you wait.

Ok, it should be obvious by now that I have absolutely nothing of consequence to say today.

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Jordan said...

Best post you've ever written. I kid. The Australian dollar is catching up to which is totally screwing me over for my huge vacation!