Monday, September 10, 2007


Am I really writing this? Really? There goes my street cred.

I somehow missed the MTV awards last night (read: didn't give a shit, and forgot they were even on), but it's impossible to miss the fallout. Three items seem to be garnering headlines: Britney's lacklustre performance, Britney's weight, and Sarah Silverman's jokes.

So after my America Ferrera comment the other day, I guess I should speak on Ms. Spears. Yes, she wasn't nearly as in solid shape as she was 5 years ago, or has ever been when performing. But let's not forget this is a 25 year-old girl (yes, I mean girl, she still has to grow up) who has 2 kids and apparently some sort of severe mental deficiency. Seriously, find me another woman who had 2 kids in about 2 years, gone through a messy divorce, been publicly humiliated and be in that sort of shape? Granted, she IS Britney Spears, and if she's not in super sex-kitten mega-shape, maybe she should have worn something less revealing... but it's not like she was muffin-topping there. Regardless, she was far from obese.

As for the performance - from what I've seen on the videos online, she was completely out of it. Whether she was high, hungover, drunk, exhausted, or just didn't care, I don't know. It's been obvious for a while now that she needs some serious help. Isn't this what PR reps are for? To strap her down and yell at her until she realizes all the money she's made, the fans she has, and what little scrap of reputation she has left are swirling the bowl for the last time before going away for good? Not that I care beyond the freakshow aspects of it all.

As for the lovely and delightful Ms. Silverman. I've been a HUGE fan of hers since she was a featured player on Saturday Night Live (you may remember her has the Chop Suey in Lunchlady Land). I saw Jesus is Magic at the Toronto Film Fest a couple years ago and laughed myself silly. Oddly enough, she was there and seemed remarkably uncomfortable in front of the audience... maybe because it was 1:30am. Anyway, her comments were AWESOME. Honest, crude, and ballsy as hell. If she wasn't so darned cute, I don't think she'd get away with half of what she says, and she knows it. Someone at the Jesus... screening said she had the soul of Lenny Bruce, I still think it's an apt comparison, although she perhaps lacks the political acumen that Mr. Bruce had. Or maybe she just doesn't care. Regardless, gold yet again.


Irongirl01 said...

you dont need street cred Astin you are a Renaissance man.. poker, film, cooking, cat owner, world traveler are there no bounds to your interests?

Saw your comment on Hoys blog bout the RNG on FTP being an abortion. Your right I find the beats on Pstars and Absolute more tolerable and logical. There is no randomness in a site that moves all the big stacks to one table or so it seems.

Come join MHG and I in the Fantasy Football version of Razz (check out his blog for the private league name and pw) . Its free and you can win money in the public league...

lightning36 said...

I looked down at my belly and I look just like Brit! Yeah, she's still adorable, but I hope she finds someone in her life who can stop her from becoming the next Anna Nicole.

katitude said...

IG, Astin = the original metrosexual *grin