Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sucking in the Big Stacks

Go read Hoyazo's latest post on inducing all-in bets. It's good stuff. However, he doesn't cover how to suck in the stacks bigger than yours. So here's my advice:

1.- Get dealt consecutive premium hands. (AA, KK, AK, maybe QQ if you're feeling saucy)
2.- Push all-in from any position with them
3.- By the 3rd great hand in a row, the big stack should be annoyed and call you. Sucker!

*NB: This only works if your name is Astin. Also, if it's the last few weeks on Tilt, you'll get totally rivered by QTo. If your name is Bayne, you can play with any 3 consecutive hands because you'll likely flop quads or the nut boat or something.


bayne_s said...

This post is so wrong. I can't win a pot for my stack as a 19:1 favorite after turn right now.

Have lost last 3 times I flopped set. Twice to shit flush draws that jammed my top set and once to running Qs after flopping Ts over Js full house.

Dillo said...

Does it help that our christian names start with the same letter?