Friday, September 21, 2007

The Other Day...

"I found a dollar on the sidewalk the other day. But it was American. So it was kind of like picking up garbage."

-Me, today.

1.0015 US dollars for 1 Canadian, or vice-versa, 1 US dollar will get you 0.9985 cents in Canada (we'll round down of course) . Our money is now, once again, worth MORE than the greenback.


Irongirl01 said...

First too funny I made a kick ass meatloaf the other day but mine had sauted red bell pepper, shitake and button mushrooms and celery in it. My basting sauce soy, ketchup, seasonings brown sugar, Bacon and mozzarella on top. YUMMO!! I also made braciole/spaghetti sauce.

Next could you do me a favor and Goggle 2007 Woodstock film festival and check out the films showing 10/10-10/14. Let me know if you can recommend anything.

Astin said...

I haven't seen any of the films on the narrative list, but there are 3 that just missed my list:

Le Scaphandre et le Papillon sounds fascinating, although it will likely be a slow film.

Lars and thee Real Girl is apparently great. I've heard nothing but good things and it just BARELY missed my list because I figure it will be out in theatres.

I'm Not There also looks good, especially Cate Blanchett as one incarnation of Bob Dylan. I've heard it's an experience, but one that may leave you wanting to see it again to make sure you got it all.

In documentaries:

I've heard nothing but fantastic things about Billy the Kid. A friend of mine saw it at the Hot Docs fest here and loved, loved, LOVED it.

I also suggest a short film program, although I haven't seen any of the ones playing at that fest. Look through them and see what interests you. The beauty of shorts is that... they're short. So if they're good, you enjoy them, if they're bad, they're over soon.

Fests are a place to explore, if you see something that sounds interesting and fits in your schedule, go for it!

Fuel55 said...

American fish have no concept that their house prices are high and their markets have gains only by severely devaluing the measure stick against the rest of the world. I've been short the US$ for 4 years.