Thursday, September 20, 2007

Not My Month

I've lamented the bad beats and other statistical anomolies of the past month on here. I've been less revealing about what a donk it's turned me into (then again, I was a donk before this). Needless to say, the combination of bad cards and bad play hasn't resulted in a good time for me.

I played live last night and a tepid deck and weak, WEAK play from me resulted in a nearly ouster from the tournament. Oddly enough, my final play was my strongest read, where I pushed a cutoff raiser from the button with 77, putting him on a steal. My all-in was less than 2x his raise, so he obviously called, caught his Q on the flop, and I was done.

So then I bought in short to the cash game, knowing I would be toast. My KK lost to 35s and I went home. I'm sure I played the hand horribly, but teh awfuckits were going strong.

I get black kings in MP, raise to $7 ($1-2 NL), get called by 3 players. Flop comes T4T, two spades. BB bets $15 and I just can't put him on the T (he's not a bluffer, but the $15 isn't enough to scare out a flush draw in this game, but I figure is too big to be a slow play), so I call, button calls as well. Turn is a red 2, BB bets $25 which puts me all-in, I call and the button calls. River is 8s and my head drops, BB checks, button bets, BB calls saying, "you've got it." Never see the BB's cards, but the button has 35s and I'm done. I figure at this point the BB had the T after all. The guy with the 35s played it well enough, since he had 15 outs on the turn and only had to call $25 into a $110 pot.

That was it. I walked home and fired up the Mook, which I also played like ass. Except this time I let go of my kings in the face of jackace on the board. So I think I'm now officially in a poker funk. I think that outside of blogger games, I'm just going to play ultra low-limit SnG's for a while and try and get this out of my system at minimal loss.

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