Saturday, September 29, 2007

Has it Really Been That Long?

Well, I'm not in Key West, and I'm not hammered (yet), but I AM 30 today. Has it really been thirty years since I came crying and gasping into this world? Strange... it doesn't feel that long. It's okay though, because 30 is the new 25. Yup.

Me being me, I went and organized a little birthday party for myself. You see, I'm a big believer in the "if you want something done right..." mentality. So tonight me, 29 friends, and 6 people who are guests of friends will be setting sail on a wee cruise around Toronto's harbour. There shall be drinking, and there shall be no escape. Before that there will be eating, and drinking, and still no escape. Afterwards, if all goes well, there will be MORE drinking back at my place, and sometime tomorrow I'll wake up and wonder when exactly I stopped remembering anything, and how everyone escaped.

Alternately, I may be the loud and obnoxious drunk wandering the streets and commenting without filter about the various art exhibitions around my fair city as part of Nuit Blanche (what the hell are they doing holding it on MY birthday? Huh?).

So I'm thrilled, and looking forward to this decade of... *snicker* maturity. Yah right. Another day, another decade. Whatever.

Oh, and fair warning for those who I have programmed into my phone - you may get a call, it may be loud, I may be drunk, and it will be a dial-a-shot. If you don't get one, it's not personal, I'm just too tanked to remember, so call me instead :). Assuming there's cell service out there.

I'm 30, I kick seventeen types of ass, and I couldn't be happier about it.


TenMile said...

It only happens once; But then Forty is like that also.

Have a good one.

Kat said...

Knew it!!


lj said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! damn, 30, you're so old!

and to think i wondered if you were excited about poison blackberry day.

enjoy the boat cruise, sounds fantastic!

surflexus said...

Happy Birthday!!!

CarmenSinCity said...

happy birthday!!

I don't even remember what I did on my 30th birthday, but hopefully you will.

Dillo said...

Many happy returns buddy! Btw, you're a pup!

I sincerely wish I was there 'captive' on the boat to help you with the copious amounts of alco-me-hol you've obviously organized!

Have a great day mate.