Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monkey Love

First, I should pimp the Monkey Tourney again on Stars. Okay, so it was last night, but it's every Tuesday, in the Wheatie's old spot. Last night only saw about 12 runners I think, but for $10 it's a game that needs some more blogger love. I finished 3rd, so you know it's gotta be easy.

Next comes a bit of disbelief. Apparently police corruption is now A-okay to brag about in your own webspace. Cops Writing Cops - brilliant. Talk about a sense of entitlement.

Not much time for poker these days, lots of other minor things to take up my time. Last night was spent going through the music collection with some picking and choosing. I missed a couple artists to add to my list, although I'm sure I already have more than 3 hours of music in it.

Still need to get my Iceland pics organized. I'm terrible with this. But right now I'm playing with some HDR. I guess I could put that all off and just worry about the regular pics.

More papers signed, more e-mails sent. Good times.

Where's everyone on their Vegas planning? I'll book my flight a couple weeks before I leave I think, and am still debating on hotel. I'm leaning towards TI. It's not far from IP and about 1e6 times better. MGM is a cab/monorail ride away, but the transportation costs are way lower than the room rate differences. Plus, this way I can start my day with an 11am donkey tournament with rapid-rising blinds and pushmonkeys at the final table. Fun fun!

3 Days.


lj said...

poisoned blackberries day?

lj said...

confucius day?

CarmenSinCity said...

Bring your sexy engineering butt to Las Vegas, we need to UP the ratios in this office. Yes, there are TONS of guys in here, but so far the cutest one is an IT guy and he's like 21 (if that) and the other cute guy is married to the receptionist. So, I need some eye candy around here - STAT!!!