Monday, September 24, 2007

The Weekend

As far as weekends go, this one wasn't bad. Relaxing if nothing else.

Friday was a hellish day at work, so I met up with a buddy and had a few beverages and some food while watching the Jays piss away a 4-0 lead over the Yankees. I'm shocked Halladay hasn't killed someone yet with the way his bullpen treats him. Guy's one of the (if not THE) best pitchers in the majors and he keeps getting screwed by his teammates. We left before the good guys (Jays) won it in the 14th.

Saturday I hung out with my bestest friend all day. We walked down Queen W to The Spice Trader & Olive Pit where I picked up a bunch of spices and oils I may never use. She was a bit more conservative in her purchases. That said, I can't wait to find a use for the 10-year aged balsamic vinegar, olive oil from the Isle of Lesbos, Barolo vinegar, habanero powder, ground cardamom, ground lemongrass, dried lemongrass, and chai masala. I'm thinking my favourite bread-dipping mixtured of balsamic vinegar and blood orange olive oil will be even more awesome with the aged balsamic. Dinner was some pretty good (if very slow) Indian at a restaurant around the corner from me. This is a street that is nothing BUT restaurants and patios, and I still haven't tried them all after 2 years.

Then I played the Midnight Madness and someone left my card rack for me. I have screenshots, but they're at home and I'm not:

Started with TT

Hand #6: 56o in the BB Flops the set, turns the boat. Minimal pay here since a board of Q66Q with the 6 is a good way to go broke.
#7: AA loses to QT (or something) with the rivered trips.
#8: AA (yes, consecutive rockets) wins against some donk with a donk hand.
#9: KQo flops the TP Q and holds against Qx.
#11: AJo gets folded wisely
#12: 99
#14: TT

etc.. Then I got pushed out of a few flops that whiffed me and undoubtedly helped others before pushing with AK and an M of 8 and running into AA (which as soon as I pushed I KNEW was going to happen). It's nice to get the cards again, now I need them later.

Sunday my friend came over again, she made some breakfast, and we hung out at the house all day. I managed to get Bioshock running on my (spontaneously ancient) computer and was torn between being addicted to that or Peggle. Peggle won. Go figure. Of course, now my friend is addicted as well. I did manage to make a pretty tasty dinner that involved honey-garlic elk sausage, seasoned chicken breast (with a smokey theme), rotini, and vodka sauce with a few random veggies. A healthy green salad and garlic-toasted Lekkerbrot bread was also included. Not bad considering the scarcity of ingredients at my place.

Oh, another drink, created on Sunday:

2:1:1 Vodka, Melon Liqueur, and Apricot Brandy, stirred with ice. Strain into tall glass, fill with peach cocktail. Yum. Any naming suggestions?

And then we watched the season premiere of Family Guy - a one-hour long homage to Star Wars. It was brilliant at times, and I haven't laughed that hard at TV in a long time. Seth Green (as Chris) getting in the long Robot Chicken plug at the end topped it off well. Tonight Heroes returns.

Heroes.... oy. Somewhere in the archives is me bitching about the finale. If the previews are any indication, I did so quite rightly. Not only do they give away a lot in the commercials, but it looks to totally wipe out Tim Kring's original plan for the series. I feel bad for the guy if there's as much network interference as it seems. I'll hope for the best though and watch tonight... they had better win me back.

MATH tonight, but I'm running off very little sleep, so I have no idea if I'll be in any shape to play. Maybe I can squeeze a nap in somewhere tonight.

5 days to go.

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