Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is This What Eno Feels Like?

Bubbly bubbly. Played in The Mookenstein last night, out 9th when top 8 paid. Damn.

I've always liked 6-handed for the wider range of playable cards and the fact it rewards aggression. I was pretty much in the top 10 the whole night, with only one big score when I knocked out jjok with two pair vs. his AQ. Generally I was taking blinds and antes, and the occasional flop or turn. It was slightly annoying because my AA, KK, QQ (one each) didn't get paid off. I couldn't limp or min-raise as that would scream that I had a good hand. Also saw AK a ton, which got me a couple hands before showdown. JJ twice I think, and a few other smaller pocket pairs.

In the end, I pushed my short stack with JT and met KQh. Whoops. OESD didn't fill in and everyone else got paid.


A buddy of mine is now interested in Vegas, and if he's in, it rapidly solidifies my plans. Airfare is the cheapest I've ever seen it right now (seat sale), and I'm still leaning towards TI. I don't have a Total Rewards card, so the Harrah's 2 free nights deal isn't available to me. Is my MGM-Mirage card worth nothing? Or my Boyd Gaming card? :)

Any way we can shrink October and November into one month? We'll call it Octember or Novtober or something.

2 days left.


Fuel55 said...

Are you thenew bubble king?


Astin said...

Sure feels that way. But I've been here before, I just need to get my middle game in shape again.