Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Entertainment News

"I can hardly wait for Oscar's tribute to montages."

"And none of these issues were ever a problem again."

"This just in, it's now easier out there for a pimp."

Yes sir, Jon Stewart will be back as the host of the Oscars. Awesome. Not that I don't like Ellen Degeneres, but she was way too tame last year. Chris Rock was great too ("If you want Denzel and all you can get is ME? Wait."). Then again, I have a great appreciation for sarcasm and irony.


bayne_s said...

The World Needs Sarah Silverman to host the Oscars.

lj said...

i love me some jon stewart, but sarah silverman would be sweet.

you guys get the oscars way up there in canada? ;)

Astin said...

Silverman would be awesome, but will never happen. She'd piss off 90% of Hollywood.

And yes Ms. Smartass, we get the Oscars up here. Of course, we call them the Ooscars. :)

Dillo said...

Even from as far away as Oz, Stewart is one of the funniest guys going around.

Better than that, he's CLEVER funny. Innuendo central.

Degeneres was good last year, but I like Stewart better. He's the only reason I'd watch it. Otherwise it's just a boring wankfest to me.