Friday, August 08, 2008

Al Bash!

So I'm obviously going to the Bash in September. I mean, it's the weekend before my birthday (which is on the Monday), and I'm supposed to cook or something.

The question becomes - what's the plan fellow eastern Canucks bloggers? Do we set up a convoy down? Anybody flying? We should figure this stuff out!


Kat said...

I'm in. Will chat when i get back.

VinNay said...

Though I don't qualify as Canadian, I do believe any such convoy will pass my way, so I am in...

BamBam said...

I'm so in! And newly added Carson and DonKaaa have finally confirmed.

Issues with original plan include:

1) The 3 of us are heading down together with travelling gear and Golf clubs in one vehicle.
2) We will be getting into Phoenixville Thursday now, as the Golf game is now on Friday morning.
3) Peb's is in Atlantic City all week prior. She may head across and come home with us Sunday, if time permits.