Monday, August 25, 2008


I wonder if my horoscope said anything about travelling plans this weekend...

On the way back from Niagara, my buddy asked me "Have you ever been to Atlantic City?" My answer was no, but that I happened to know a few people who loved themselves the Borgata. So we started talking plans on going. Not sure if/when we'll head down, but I imagine it will happen. A shame there aren't any super cheap flights to Philly to make a one day jaunt worthwhile. There ARE cheap flights to Newark though. 2 hours from there to AC I think...

Then there's The Bash - Kat's out, and the Tuckfards are heading down early to golf. VinNay's willing to drive down, but I'd still need to get to Buffalo. So it looks like I'll be going solo... the question now is which means of transportation to take?

And finally, my best friend got the go ahead on a trip to her favourite place in the world - Key West! And being the best friend a person could ask for, she invited yours truly along (along with a few other less-awesome-than-me-but-still-pretty-awesome friends). That won't be until next year though... but it'll come at pretty much the perfect time for such a trip. Looking forward to relaxing by a pool with a mojito in my hand and some Cuban food around the way.

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Riggstad said...

hit me up on fag chat. I"ll square you away with the AC plans.

AC has their own airport as well and I'm thinkin it has some pretty cheap flights.

I know a lot of folk fly out of there from Philly to places like florida because its cheaper.