Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I went ahead as planned. Corn on the cob, pork, vegetables.

You know what corn looks like, so I'll spare you the pictures. Just look in the archives if you really need some internet corn. Oh sweet Jeebus am I punny.

Alright, here's the sauce (good for one pork chop):

1/2 large orange
1 small peach (peeled)
Brown sugar (I just tossed some in... 1-2 tbsp?)
Pinch of habanero powder
A dash or two or three or whatever of your favourite hot sauce (I used Susie's Original, one of my favourites)
Black pepper
pinch of salt

- Zest the orange half
- Juice the orange half
- Cut peach into chunks
- Put everything in a small pot

Mash the peach up with a potato masher, stir up the mix, and put the pot on medium heat. Any remaining peach chunks will break down as it heats. Bring to a gentle boil and reduce until a little bit syrupy. Turn to low and simmer a bit more.

I tossed the pork chop into the sauce and brought it up to my roof to BBQ. I cranked the Q to high, then dropped it to medium when I put the chop on. Grill to your liking, basting with the sauce as you go.

Oh, this is the view from the BBQs.

And this guy was hanging around too, along with a bunch of others flitting about.

When done, rest the chop while you steam the vegetables. I tossed the steamed vegetables with roasted garlic salt, some garlic powder, and some high-quality extra virgin olive oil before plating.

Here piggy, piggy.

The vegetables - beans, peas, yellow zucchini.

Delicious. The sauce was very sweet, citrusy, with just the right bit of bite in the sauce. The vegetables were very garlicy, which was a nice companion to the sweetness of the pork.

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