Thursday, August 07, 2008


Nothing like waking up to a story about the dumbasses at PETA to start your day.

The morons in charge have struck again - comparing the recent Manitoba bus attack to killing animals. I actually refuse to visit the PETA site (the link leads to a CBC story about it) because I don't want them to have my traffic. Let's see, a 22 year-old guy who was apparently well-liked by everyone is minding his own business, listening to some tunes on the Greyhound as he heads to home to his folks... and a psycho stabs him to death, decaptitates him, cuts up more of his body, and possibly eats some of him. A cow isn't missed by the other cows, wasn't going to amount to more than a porterhouse and jacket, and would be extinct if it wasn't raised specifically to be clothing and steak. Yah, same fucking thing you douchebags. The best part is their responses that just make them sound like even more elitist assholes.

Then there's my fine city. 1) They're eliminating the street parking on a major city road (Bloor, between Church and Avenue) to put in more sidewalk, street lights, and other pedestrian-friendly changes. This is good. 2) They are selling chunks of the sidewalk to businesses so they can create lay-bys for valet parking, loading/unloading, etc.. This MIGHT be okay... I mean, if they're widening the sidewalks first, then it's still a win for the pedestrians (something the people railing against this seem to miss). But this comment from a councillor is... idiotic.

"Pusateri's asked for it and they paid for it," says Councillor Kyle Rae (Ward 27, Toronto Centre-Rosedale). "That's public use, isn't it? They're the public."

Pusateri's is a high-end grocery store in the most expensive shopping district in Toronto. I HOPE Kyle Rae was being saracastic and it was lost in the print. If he was, he's my new hero. If not, he should go work for PETA as a professional tool.

I get the feeling there'll be more... it's just feeling like that kind of day.

Oh, I saw Pineapple Express last night - cute movie. Definitely laugh-out-loud funny at parts, but could have done with a bit more editing (some scenes are a bit too long). Overall a worthwhile flick, but not Superbad good.

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